Pharmaceutical Equipment

Quadro equipment can be found in pharmaceutical facilities around the world. Whether you are producing tablets or dispersing active ingredients, Quadro has the experience and technical know-how to solve your size reduction needs.



Active Extraction of Biomedicinal Ingredients

A grower of biomedicinal herbs was looking to extract the active ingredient Parthenolide from the medicinal herb Feverfew for capsules. Clinical trials have shown that Parthenolide reduces the frequency and severity of migraine headaches when taken in small amounts daily by affecting the release of serotonin ...

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Comil Pharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are successfully using the Quadro Comil for wet granulations before drying, sizing after drying, granulating in the pre-compression stage, homogeneous mixing, conditioning, and dispersion of pigments in the manufacture of tablets. The versatile Comil can be used for ...

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Dry Granulation Sizing (from Fluid Bed Dryer)

In the wet tablet manufacturing method, the dry ingredients are wetted down and mixed in a mixer. The wet mass is then size reduced (see Quadro bulletin AP04R1) and transferred to a fluid bed dryer for drying. The dried granules are then size reduced to a specified particle size distribution prior to the tableting process ...

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Pharmaceutical Tablet Reclaim

Tablet reclaim has been a very successful application for the Quadro Comil. Installations are numerous and varied as to the types of tablets being reclaimed and the particle size of the final product required. Many components for the Comil have been developed especially for tablet reclaim in order to reduce fines generation and ...

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Size Reduction of Compacted Product

In the dry tablet manufacturing process, tablets are formed from completely dry mixes. This is possible for certain types of formulation. The dry powder mixtures are pre-compressed, size reduced and then re-compacted in the tablet press. The pre-compression stage can be accomplished with various types of equipment ...

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