Fine Grinding Excipients with a Tight PSD

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is a common excipient ingredient for many pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical applications. Sodium Chloride has a fairly consistent molecular lattice structure which makes it an attractive formulation additive since it can be milled in a reliable manner, batch-after-batch.


The Fine Grind F10 easily processes Sodium Chloride within a range of PSD bell curve values to suit particular needs. For example, from an infeed d 90 of 645 micron, the F10 can mill crystalline lattice structure chemicals to values ranging from d 90 =16.9 micron to d 90 = 33.1 micron by simply adjusting the mill's RPM. Capacities can also vary (over 200 lbs/hr) depending on the PSD range desired. The coarser the material, the higher the capacity. The F10 can adjust PSD bell curves and capacities by adjusting other parameters such as feed rates and tooling, to name a few.


The Quadro® Fine Grind F10 is a complete stand-alone process plant that affords benefits to the processor including savings through reduced downtime, minimal space requirements, rapid product changeover and enhanced process efficiency . Other advantages include quick disassembly for maintenance, tooling change and cleaning, low power consumption as compared to traditional mills, and low noise . The Model F10 promotes uniform grinding capabilities producing higher yields on specification and has a wide tooling selection to meet all grinding requirements.


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