Fine Grinding Polymers in Cosmetic & Personal Care Applications

An large chemical manufacturer approached Quadro to help them fine grind a polymer (tocolpherol polypeptide). Polymers are often used in personal care products for rheology control, emulsion creation, pigment suspension, antioxidants and to create other product characteristics. Sizing is key as the dissolution and suspension rates are affected if the material does not have a consistent PSD.


The Fine Grind F10 achieved a d 90 of 106 micron and a d 99 of 149 micron after a single-pass. A second trial employed nitrogen with a single-pass through the F10 where a D 90 of 64 micron and a d 99 of 125 micron were achieved. Both trials exceeded the customer's desired capacity rate by 80%.


The Quadro® Fine Grind F10 is a complete stand-alone process plant that affords benefits to the processor including savings through reduced downtime, minimal space requirements, rapid product changeover and enhanced process efficiency. Other advantages include quick disassembly for maintenance, tool change and cleaning, low power consumption as compared to traditional mills, and low noise. The Model F10 promotes producing higher yields on specification and has a wide tooling selection.


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