Quadro Develops CIP Fine Grind F10 Mill

Quadro® ’s continuing efforts to innovate process technology in the field of fine grind size reduction are once again realized with the development of a Clean-In-Place F10 Fine Grind Mill. Quadro’s F10 Fine Grind Mill has been succesfully implemented in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Fine Chemical and Food industries where PSD targets range from 5 - 150µm.


The addition of a Clean-In-Place design feature allows the complete wet-down of internal contact areas, adding an extra layer of safety to the operator. Other salient benefits of the F10 Fine Grind Mill include +99% product yield, tight PSD curves with a single-pass, fully contained dust-tight cGMP design, minimal space requirements, rapid product changeover and enhanced process efficiency. Quick disassembly for maintenance and cleaning, low power consumption and low noise are but a few of the many advantages the Model F10 offers. The F10 is also suitable for inert applications, and is ATEX certified.


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