Continuous Screening & Delumping of API’S in an ATEX Environment

Quadro Engineering has developed an ATEX rated, highly contained dosing system utilizing the Quadro® WIP (Wash-In-Place) S20 FlexSift mounted on a pneumatically actuated height adjustable, portable base that allows added flexibility to move the system to other manufacturing suites. Nitrogen gas is used to displace the oxygen in the system, thereby attaining an internal ATEX Zone 20.


To achieve an OEL Level (<10 µg/m3) the material being processed can be dispensed using a continuous liner containment system interlocked with a series of valves, to ensure accurate dosing.


The system includes numerous other features such as a contained sampling system and WIP nozzles to ensure complete internal wet-down of all components during the cleaning process.


The Quadro® WIP S20 FlexSift is able to reduce cleaning times, improve operator safety, increase productivity/throughput and decrease product loss.


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