Advances in Pharmaceutical Processing


Join us May 22nd in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and/or May 24th in Research Triangle Park, NC for a FREE one day seminar on advancements in pharmaceutical processing.


This one-day course examines a wide variety of important pharmaceutical processing topics and trends. The seminar offers an objective technical overview and introduces participants to methods of both improving current operations and utilizing new process technologies. Course material is suitable for scientists, engineers, production and manufacturing personnel, researchers, formulation scientists, product development and process transfer personnel.


Learn about exciting advances in these process technologies for today's demanding pharmaceutical applications:


- Feeding and Dispensing

- Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying

- Containment Valve Technology

- Sieving and Low Energy Milling

- Impact Size Reduction and Micronization

- Dry Granulation via Roller Compaction


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